Upgraded Energy

With a new year ahead, everyone creates these specific goals and outlooks for themselves, planning to accomplish them plus more with the clean slate of New Years. Last year I remember telling myself…”I’m going to get so much done…create new experiences…better my life through accomplishing my goals.” I would say that, Yes, I did do a great number of things last year, but found my health declining from all the energy I was expelling. I ended up living off caffeine, and eventually my body no longer processed that into energy. I would end up feeling super groggy, and spending way too much on Starbucks.

Can you relate?

Heavy into research, I stumbled upon a man who seemed to have reinvented the coffee spectrum.  Introducing Dave Asprey, the creator of the new Bulletproof Coffee.  His website seemed intriguing, and the testimonials gave me hope that I had found something that would satisfy my coffee cravings AND give me the sustained focus I had been looking for.  He not only promises sustained, feel good energy, but also a curb in sugar cravings.

Could it be real?  Would I get to enjoy day-long efficiency as well as ending my sweets addiction?!

His coffee concoction includes his upgraded, mold-free beans, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil.  I know, I know…butter for breakfast?  Just like all food products, some are produced better than others; and with the mess of health terms like organic, non-GMO, and natural, it’s hard to know what is what. Read about healthly butter here.

My boyfriend completely surprised me this past Christmas with the Bulletproof Coffee Kit.  The first day I tried it, I was beyond excited at how GREAT I felt.  I’d been used to taking breaks every so often throughout the day, even having to quit my job due to lack of energy and focus.  My morning beverage really opened my eyes to how intuitive the human body actually is, and how the correct diet can completely impact your daily routine.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAfter you brew the beans, (I use a french press), all you do is blend the coffee, oil, and grass-fed butter together!  You’re left with a frothy hot beverage and endless energy for the day ahead.

To make use of other natural energy conductors (without caffeine), check out Primal Docs.